Retreats are an integral part of the Catholic faith. It is healthy to get away from everyday life, rest, and renew your faith regularly. If you have never been on a retreat and are not sure where to start, or if you don’t know where to look for retreat centers near you, we are here to help.

Retreats are a modern answer to modern living. Going on a retreat means taking time away from your ordinary life and situation. It is a special time to give yourself some peace and calm. You might be stepping away from a hectic lifestyle full of being too busy. You may be taking a break away from the responsibilities of children or caring for someone. You may be escaping from a bad emotional situation. You may just want some quiet and to be left alone for a day or two. You may just want some tranquility in which to consider where you are in life.

A retreat lets our feelings open out and gives us access to both the light and dark corners of our deep feelings. It can bring understanding of where we are in relationships too. All the great spiritual traditions are about discovering ourselves in ways that help us to grow in happiness and love. For many people a retreat will be an awakening to the presence of God in their lives.



The convent has 20 rooms available for weekend retreats.  The rooms are individual for privacy.  Groups have access to the dining room, chapel, outdoor grounds, etc.

Also there is the multipurpose room available for one day retreats.  Contact retreat personal for more details.